Ways to find success with Google’s display network

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Display marketing is an interesting marketing tool to use but many marketers face difficulty or sometimes fail with display marketing. If we glance at the reasons of their failure we came to know that either they are trying to reach incorrect and undefined goals or they are unable to understand how these target options actually work.

Display Keywords

Many marketers only use Google default for the display and add keywords, with that, list of account of search keywords shown, it’s a mistake.

Google shows great concerns about the positive and negative keywords of your match type. But in display Google ignores match types. They usually use negative keywords for their ad placement but if you put numbers of negatives from search campaign then it is quite sure that Google will not serve your ad well.

Commonly, you want few keywords for ad group, and at times you won’t use negative keywords but this would be considered as your sin for your campaign.

So, for better experience for display keywords, try to use wide search keywords and copy them in display campaign.


Segmentation is good for refine and organized search. The common problem which is faced during search ad groups is that there is no strong organization between ads and keywords. Same situation is on display. The easy solution for that problem is segmentation. First of all you must determine the ad and landing page for every ad group, after that use the matching keywords for both ad and landing page. If the keyword is not matching with ad and landing page, then try a new ad group. This is called segmentation which is really helpful for search and display.

Placement Targeting

Ad words offer different types of target options for display. Placement targeting is one of them. With this option you have a choice of ad placement on site in Google display.

But the big issue related to placement targeting is that, good sites have huge traffic and customers as well but many of them are not compatible with your offer. With placement targeting you can select a portion of some site but these sites have daily page views so many companies are unable to display ad on every page view. The easy solution is that just choose a portion or place where viewers like to kill their time and put a layer in keyword filter.

Flexible Targeting

This is a new option but this is very useful. With flexible targeting, viewer can easily merge different targeting methods together and your ad only shown only when users click the specific target combination.

Offer Testing

For best display objectives you have to make a test for your offer between hard conversion tricks like sales and soft conversion tricks like emails subscriptions and paper downloads.

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