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Blogs, posts, comments, rankings, traffic blah blah blah…. Why everybody get crazy for all these things??? Maybe this is the scientific age or makes it that way, it is a cyber world. The importance of posts and blogs for good ranking can never be denied. But to have your own blog there should be some good and solid reason for that. Here are some good reasons to have your own blog.

Most importantly blogs are safe and secure ways to make you self confident and eligible to get in high ranks and good rating for long phrases search.

  • Blogs have an ability to increase your traffic follow and number of visits properly.
  • Blogs put special influence or you may say special treatment on your credibility, brand, product, posts, and sites.
  • Another important reason to have your own blog is that, blogs make new customers and views from both sites like organic search as well as links from other blogs and sites.
  • Blogs can increase your visibility on websites and make it easy to link with other social sites
  • Blogs helps you to become more sociable and gracious.
  • Blogs also provide good piece of information to its users. So information is a valuable gift from blogs to its users and people like to share these information to other websites and blogs as well
  • You can gain respect in your field through well systematic blogs and your collage trust on your provided information.

Blogging platform:

There is variety of platforms available for your blogging but some are very authentic, some are good and some are average. If we talk about the most popular platform for blogging then you should choose WordPress. wordpress platform easy to use and compatible for blogging. You can even re-host it on your own server. Just visit there and make a choice what is your need and demand and try now.

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