Why people have concerns for Google?

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Google have its important place in cyber world. When Google is going through any changes or coming with new policy it is for sure a matter of concern for people. Why? Because it is one of the biggest searches engine and people trust on it. When news channels break any news related to cyber world especially Google, people get affected. During last ten days or so, very noticeable news became the reason of discussion and many reports were made on it. The news was related to Google search that Google’s search results have been in a state of flux

Most of the people were expecting about any algorithm update or change announcement or notification after such kind of hype which was created and discussions were made.

Large number of mass were pretty confidant about this news that Google would be testing and researching something and very soon make a significant update.

People who had high concerns, sent number of mails to Google for any new update or confirmation or denial of that news, but Google dint respond to these mails. It is good quality about Google that it is so committed to its users and visitors that whenever any type of difficult situation, any quarry or confirmation has been made Google responds to every mail within 24 hours. But real problem starts when Google dint respond to any mail and this lack of communication create difficulty about any update that it is not ready to comment on any thing.

If we look back and see the history of notifications and updates we have penguin update in our memories on May 26th, penguin 1.1, over four months ago. We should keep in mind the next penguin update is on its way and we have to relay on Google who has been working and testing some good and significant work on penguin side despite the fact that it has been over four months.

Till now there is no confirmation or any kind of update has been made from Google. Maybe it is normal Google ranking shifts or any algorithms changes which Google is testing out there. People have high hopes that Google is going to fix all the things and respond to its visitors very soon.

Postscript: Google representative has been respond to mails but they dint confirm or deny any type of update.

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