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Does the name Neetzan Zimmerman mean anything to you? If you’re interested in driving a lot more traffic to your website (for free), he’s a good model.

Now to be perfectly honest, his name meant nothing to me until this morning when I read an interesting article in the WSJ titled, Why Everyone Will Totally Read This Column. The article focuses on how Mr. Zimmerman at creating content that goes viral at the news & entertainment site, Gawker. According to reports, Zimmerman’s blog posts are viewed by over 30 million people per month.

Which got me thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a fraction of that traffic coming to your site?”

So how does he accomplish this goal?

Like with most things, there are aspects that are difficult to copy but others that any of us could (and should) do.

The more difficult is having a writing style that engages readers as he does. In this age of technology it’s often overlooked that what truly gets posts to go viral is often an interesting story that’s well told. That requires an ability to speak to your audience in a way that’s engaging.

You can do that via text (as Zimmerman does) or through videos (such as my friend Andrea Albright does with amazing consistency), but that ability to tell a good story is key.

But…if creating interesting stories isn’t in your wheelhouse, the other component of what Zimmerman does, will make it easy for you to attract lots of brand new prospects to your website for free.

As the WSJ reports, the first thing that Zimmerman does is review the feeds from 1,000 sites he has identified as offering content that has the potential to go viral.

In our world we probably would only need to follow a handful of sites which is easily done through google alerts. (I’m very old school so I tend to get a lot of my ideas from reading a good old paper copy of 3 newspapers that are left on my driveway each day. Shades of Leave It To Beaver!)

Now, let’s say that you’re incredibly lazy and only do this 3 times a week (as opposed to Zimmerman who does this over a dozen times a day). And for each blog post you sent it out on Facebook, Twitter, Amplify, LinkedIn ect. Maybe if you wrote something that you thought was really interesting, you spent a few bucks on PR Newswire and sent it our as a release.

What do you think would happen?

Obviously, I can’t tell you what would happen if you tried this strategy, but I can tell you that we’ve been doing it here for a number of years, and for a few of our clients, and the results are pretty great.

Not a huge outpouring of readers. But, that’s not the point.

For those of us who run actual businesses, it’s all about Quality rather than Quantity.

And the Quality response that you get from these blog posts is what makes this an extrememly effective strategy.

Perhaps it’s worth for you to give it a try. Food for thought

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