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I think the world needs more class acts. Regardless of whether you’re a butcher, baker or candlestick maker…we need more class acts.

Perhaps this on my mind because I seem to have hit a string of no-class acts. People not showing up when they say. Rudeness for no purpose. Arrogance. You know what I mean.

So what makes a class act? Here’s what I think.

1) Class acts do what they’re say they’re going to do. There seems to be a shortage of this, especially in the building trade. Oh don’t get me wrong. Perfectly delightful and polite people. They say that they’re going to fix or do something. But…somehow it just never seems to get done. I’d much rather deal with someone who under-promises and over-delivers, as I’m sure we all would. So the lesson? Don’t say you’re going to do something if you can’t or won’t move mountains to make sure it gets done.

2) Class acts don’t try to freaking impress you with total and obvious bullshit. I’m a member of what is loosely called the Internet Marketing niche. There’s lots about internet marketing I truly love and find fascinating. For example, the potential to almost completely automate a sales process without human intervention is extremely intriguing to me. It’s incredible how much we can do now a days to automate the process by which we get prospects interested in us, build relationships and motivate them to take action. Amazing stuff, and since it’s a blend of technology and creativity, I find it endlessly fascinating.

So why does the field attract so many snake-oil salesmen who rant on endlessly about the gazillions that they’re making? Come on, no one believes you, so just take a breath and chill.

Of course this isn’t confined to just internet marketing. Marian and I were at a party in the neighborhood the other day and since this is Atlanta, the second question we tend to ask people is “What do you do?” In this case the person we were speaking with said that he sold insurance. Fair enough. But not just any insurance to anyone. Nope. He sold insurance exclusively to Hollywood superstars, and then proceeded to rattle off a list of clients. (I guess working on the assumption that we didn’t know these superstars so how would we know if he was telling the truth.)

Except…why are Hollywood superstars buying insurance from a guy in Atlanta? I know that Los Angeles is considered an entertainment industry town, but really? No insurance agents? Who would have thought.

I mean, come on, if you’re going to bullshit, at least make it plausible. Class acts don’t brag. Sure they don’t necessarily hide the light under the proverbial bushel, but they aren’t obviously trying to impress the poop out of you either.

3) Class acts are courteous. OK-I live in the South and politeness is part of our DNA. But a simple “Thank you” goes a long way. I have a friend named Nancy. She’s a HR consultant and a total class act. Always does the little things that add up. As a result I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t sing her praises-even some of the snarliest people I know, say nice things about her. You know you’re a class act when that happens.

4) Class acts are more interested in learning about you than they are about selling you something. We’ve all heard the old saying, “If you can just fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.” Except that’s not true. Hardly anyone can fake sincerity since after asking a question or two, they then can’t help themselves and start pitching whatever it is that they’re selling at the moment. If you’ve ever met an MLMer, you know the type.

Yep, we need more class acts. There’s a marvelous Yiddish word, “Mensch”, which basically means a “person of high integrity or honor.” Or as my friend Arlene says, “Someone who does the right thing.”

That’s what the world needs.

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