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Ultimately, the goal of any client attraction marketing campaign is to convince people that you can help them. I know-Big grasp of the obvious.

But let’s take this one step deeper.

What’s the best way to convince people you can help them?

The really obvious answer is…By actually helping them.

Does seem rather obvious, doesn’t it? But, if it’s so obvious why do so few people do it?

I’m not talking about your existing clients. Naturally your helpful to them, otherwise they wouldn’t be your clients.

But what about prospects? People who you want as clients, but who don’t know you yet? What’s the best way to convince them you can help them?

Same answer.

By actually helping them.

So how precisely do we do this?

My friend Frank Kern has an acronym for this…R.I.A., which stands for Results In Advance.

That’s what we want to do. Give people some result, an answer to a big question they have, help them really solve some sort of issue…BEFORE…we ever ask them to become clients.

But, if I give my stuff away, people will just take my free stuff and won’t hire me. (You say.)

Actually, and fortunately, that’s not true. In fact the more valuable stuff you give away for free, the greater the likelihood that prospects will turn into clients.

There’s actually a psychological principle I learned back in graduate school (who’s name eludes me at the moment) that demonstrates that the more you give people something they want…the more they want more of it.

We see this demonstrated all the time. Give a pet a treat, what do they want? You got it, more treats.

So again…the best way to show that you can be helpful to prospects is to actually be helpful.

So how do we do this? Here’s one way.

Take a sheet of paper and draw a line. One the left hand side you have the problem your prospect faces (go ahead and write it down-this exercise won’t do you any good unless you actually participate.)

On the right hand side right down words to the effect of Problem Solves (or you can just write that.)

Now draw 3 or 4 lines perpendicular (that’s up and down for those of you who are long removed from geometry class) to the horizontal line.

For each of the up & down lines you want to assign a specific step the person has to take (or accomplish) in order to SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

Here’s an example.

My clients want more new clients.

So on one end of the horizontal line we have Not Enough Clients and on the other Lots of Clients.

So what has to happen in order for this to happen. What 3 or 4 big chunks need to be accomplished.

OK-they need more people to come to their website. (Traffic)

They need to give these people a reason to engage with them when they’re there. (Lead Magnet)

They need to nurture that relationship. (Drip marketing sequence)

They need to to get prospects to contact them to arrange an appointment (Core offer)

There’s probably more, but let’s stop there.

So these are items my prospects need to do on the way to getting lots more clients (or evening out the feast-or-famine business cycles.)

So, let’s prove that I can be helpful to them by…actually being helpful to them.

So if you’re on my list, you know what takes place then.

A series of 4 videos that teach you how to do this four things. I’m just giving away some great information. People love it.

Which results in what?

Them wanting more.

We eliminate 99% of our competition because hardly any of them do this. They’re focusing on telling prospects how helpful they can be if only you’ll give us some money.

We’re showing our prospects how helpful we can be in advance of them becoming clients.

It’s very hard to compete against that.

Make sense? It’s not hard to do. But like anything it’s all about implementation. (If you want help with that GO HERE)

Remember, you can’t learn to swim by reading the books. You’ve got to get in the pool. So get wet and implement this today. Your business is really going to thank you.

Talk soon

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Mark Satterfield, Gentle Rain Marketing -- Author , Marketing Consulting Expert, Lead Generation, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Get More Clients, Increase Revenue -- Click here for his Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube

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