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One of the things that I like most about webinars is that they enable you to demonstrate your expertise, build rapport, and advance the sales process. Unfortunately, most webinars sound so canned that the audience quickly tunes out and you’re left speaking to yourself after 30 minutes. So, let’s avoid those fates and learn how to use webinars  in a way that will not only help you build trust & credibility, but also enable you to sell a lot services (without turning off your audience.)

I’m going to make some assumptions here. First, I assume you’ve got a great service for which you can clearly articulate the benefits. I’m also assuming you’ve done your homework and determined real reasons for why people should do business with you, as opposed to your competition. (No superficially dumb reasons why people should work with you, which you wouldn’t believe if someone told them to you.) I’m also assuming that you’re willing to do some planning and work in order to make your webinar come off like a champ. Webinars are really great tools for growing your business, but if you think you’re just going to bang out a PowerPoint presentation and be done with it, you’ll quickly join the ranks of those for whom webinars produce nada.

So with all those caveats out of the way, let’s turn to the webinar blueprint so your next one is an outstanding success.

First step: What is your webinar going to be about? Let me start by sharing what it is not about.

It ain’t about you.

Unless you’re a celebrity, nobody cares about you. (Except obviously, Mom.) While most people sort of intellectually understand this, their webinar, when it’s finally finished is all about…

  • them
  • how great they are
  • how wonderful their products or services are

What webinars are about is your audience. I can’t emphasize this too much…it’s about WHAT DO THEY WANT?

Which also means that you need to shift your focus from “Trying to sell people stuff” to “Providing help.” (Stick with me here-if you do this you will also sell a ton of stuff, but you’ll do it in a cool way that won’t alienate your audience and make you seem all salesy.)

So for example, my audience might want to:

  • attract more qualified prospects by advertising on Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • learn the keys for creating a blog that attracts prospects and isn’t an arduous task to produce.
  • learn how to put together a webinar to sell more products or services without coming across as a jerky salesperson.

You get the idea.

It’s all about them.

So step number one is Decide On Your Topic.

Now that you’ve done that, let’s develop the actual webinar.

Let’s kick it off with a slide that covers 3 items:

    1. Confirm that attendees have made the right decision to attend the webinar
    2. Briefly introduce yourself (no long biographical story about your painful childhood-short & sweet, but emphasize that you understand the problems they’re facing.)
    3. The benefits that attendees will be getting. This last point is important if you want people to hang in to the end-which is obviously important since that’s when you’re going to (nicely) pitch your services or the next step in your sales funnel.

So step # 3 consists of the 3-5 really big benefits people will get from this webinar. (Remember benefits answer the question of, Why do I care? or What’s in it for me? or “So you can do…” )

Part 2: The Story

The purpose of the story is to share that others have overcome the problem that your audience faces. The primary character could be you, or it could be someone else. You’ll find that the story will have more power if it is about an individual, rather than a corporation. People relate to people, not to institutions.

There’s a structure to creating a great story that I won’t go into here since I’ve covered it extensively in other articles on this blog. If you want to really master the art of storytelling to get more sales, increase referrals and differentiate yourself from the competition, I unabashedly recommend my book Unique Sales Stories.

Next Step: Help in Advance. Remember, the most effective way to show you can help someone is-to actually help them. That’s what we do in this next section.

You want to share 3-4 key items or steps that people can take towards solving their problem. Make sure that these are things people can actually do, and don’t bog them down in too much detail.

This is where fill in the blank templates are ideal, if your business lends themselves to this. I use one to create great headlines. A realtor friend of mine uses one to determine how much you can reasonably spend to buy a house. A financial advisor uses one to determine how much money one’s investments might yield in income. The list goes on.

Remember, the key point of this section is for your audience to say, “Damn, I learned something I didn’t know.” It isn’t the entire solution, but it is something valuable that your audience will find helpful.

Which leads us to the conclusion. The goal of this last section is to either get your audience to invest in something, or take the next step in your sales funnel. Here’s how to do this.

Start by confirming and validating the objective that people have. There’s an effective sales technique called Linkage, which if you’re comfortable using, is very effective at this stage and for making the transition.

Linkage works on the principle that if you state two facts, the next thing that you say will be more readily accepted. So if I was pitching a How to create a webinar that sells program, I might say, ” You’re on this webinar right now, you’re in front of your computer (both facts) and you know that webinars are one of the most effective ways to sell services.”

Follow up this with The Reason Why: That’s why I created this program so you can dramatically grow your business through webinars.

The reason why you want to take this class is because…(benefit, benefit, benefit)

Next: This is just for you: Here we list the various types of people who may be listening, and the benefit they want to achieve:

So, if you are an expert who wants to reach a wider audience, this is for you.

If you are a consultant who wants to work with larger clients, this is for you

If you are an advisor who wants to convert more prospects into paying clients, this is for you.

This is what is referred to as the “message to market match”. The more your prospect sees a reflection of themselves in your presentation, the greater the likelihood that they will take action. Everyone wants solutions that are designed to specifically work with them.

Next step: The Overview: This is where you describe what the service or program covers. Remember, for every feature you list, you need to make sure you add a corresponding benefit. (Remember to use the phrase …so you can…)

In day three of the program we cover how to write an email follow up sequence that builds massive good will for you, so you can convert prospects into engaged paying clients.

Next: Price. Provide an incentive to buy immediately. You have to make sure that this isn’t cheesy, but giving a step-down in price if you buy today, is a very effective technique. (Quite frankly you wouldn’t see all the info-commercials do it if it didn’t work.)

An alternative (which I prefer) is not to reduce your price but add bonuses if they act right now.

If you’re offering high value consulting or other services that don’t lend themselves to this model, you can offer the next step as a consultation with you. I’d recommend that you provide a general sense for the level of investment, which will help considerably reduce the number of tire kickers you get. (Sending them to a page such as this will also completely eliminate time sucking vampires.)

So that’s the formula for creating a webinar that builds trust, provides value and will get you a lot more sales.

Naturally, if you’d like for me to help you build your webinar with you, I’d be happy to set aside some time to talk with you. You can arrange that discussion here.

Hope you found this helpful. Talk with you soon

Want me to personally create a sales & marketing funnel for you?

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Mark Satterfield, Gentle Rain Marketing -- Author , Marketing Consulting Expert, Lead Generation, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Get More Clients, Increase Revenue -- Click here for his Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube


  1. Doug Herbert  September 19, 2014

    Thanks for the checklist and pointers on creating an effective webinar. I’ll be sure to use your helpful information for crafting my future webinars.


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