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(Warning: Some may find this offensive. With that caveat, what I’m about to share…is the truth, as I’ve learned the hard way.)




…more of them.

What’s the quickest way?

Here’s the answer-it hinges on a question.

Are you willing to invest some money?

If the answer’s Yes, then you can get a lot of traffic real fast.

How fast?


If you don’t have any money, or you still think that getting new clients should be free…can you still get more leads & traffic.


But it will be slow.

Real slow.

Because, when it comes to getting traffic on the internet, you really only have a couple of options.

You can show up high in the natural search listings, so that when your prospects are searching online for solutions to the problems you solve, up you pop.

And the process to get your site on that first page of results (cause anything beyond the first page is a waste of time), is called search engine optimization, or SEO.

And it works. Sort of.

If only google didn’t keep changing the algorithm that determines who gets on the first page.

When I was writing my book, The One Week Marketing Plan, one of the people I interviewed were the marketing guys at Hubspot.

The really know their business, and they nailed precisely what it takes to get your site on the first page of Google.

Have the best site for your topic.

That’s it. Just have the best freaking site for your area of expertise. Lots of content. Lots of value. Lots of people linking to it (and not crap people, but real people with high quality sites of their own.)

The guys at Google are really smart, and increasingly fine tuning their strategy of making sure users get directed to the absolutely best sites when searching for something.

So, one option is to build the absolute best site for your business.

That’s the smart, long term play.


You probably need traffic right now.

So what’s the other option?

You buy it.

You advertise.

And, Yes, that requires money.

So if you’re still of the mindset that traffic, leads, prospects should be free…you can’t play this game.

But if you have an ad budget (and that’s what it is…a budgeted item. Like any other business expense.), the trick is to spend it wisely.

So don’t…

Just go run some ads and send the traffic to some crappy home page.

Be smart about it.

Remember that advertising is about more than just the ad. It’s got a number of moving parts.

Here they are:

  1. What are you going to promote? The ad should motivate people to get your lead magnet, not just learn more about you.
  2. What landing page are you going to sent people to who click on the ad? The design of the page spells the difference between getting a lot of traffic, and wasting a lot of money.
  3. What’s the end game? So you get traffic, what’s the system you have in place to get money from your traffic? Most people think they’ll figure that out after they get prospects. The time to figure that out is before you advertise.
  4. What’s the profile or avatar of your ideal prospect. The good news is that you can micro-target who you put your advertisements in front of. The bad news is that if you don’t know who that is (or have done some lame ass job of defining him or her) then you’re blindly throwing darts.
  5. Where do you want to run it? Lots of choices. Do you know the best place to test an ad? (Hint-it’s not Google or LinkedIn.)
  6. Design, create and run the ad

Crap there’s a lot to this.



If you do it right, you’ll get a boatload of prospects.

And a lot of new business.

Let me know if I can help.

Talk soon


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