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People buy things to realize their aspirations. It’s true for both services, as well as products. Luxury goods manufacturers probably understand this concept the best, since the dots are easy to connect.

Many others, particularly those in b2b, don’t think it’s relevant.

But it is.

What is the aspiration of the CIO or the CEO? Forget for a moment, the purely business result your solution offers. What will it do for them personally? 




How does what you offer feed that aspiration?

That’s what you need to incorporate in your marketing, advertising and sales presentations.

When we talk about marketing funnels and campaigns, we tend to do so in very analytical terms. Lead magnets, opt-in sequences, conversion metrics, traffic tools and the like.

All important, but as Jimmy D. Brown would say, “Incomplete.”

If that were all there was to it, knowing just the mechanics of building a marketing funnel would suffice. It would simply be a matter of doing it, and the results would speak for themselves.

Yet, the majority of funnels don’t produce the results people want.

Sure, there are lots of reasons why. Parts go missing. People get bored.

But the biggest reason why campaigns fail, and people don’t buy, is that you haven’t tapped into the aspiration of the person you’re selling to.

When I worked at Kraft Foods, I had the enormous good fortune to work for Bob Morrison when he was CEO. Something he once told me, has stuck with me to this day.

“Never forget that businesses don’t buy things. People buy things.”

Tap into the personal aspiration, and you’ll have a waiting list of eager clients.

Food for thought


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