Targeting Affluent Niches

How To Attract The Most Hyper-Responsive Clients

Here’s just some of what’s covered

  • Avoiding the two greatest mistakes of marketing to the affluent.
  • How to get the affluent to pay attention to your marketing message.
  • Sub-dividing the affluent market. Where to focus for maximum results.
  • How to market to the children of the affluent.
  • What a large percentage of affluent baby-boomers are really worried about. (It’s not, running out of money.)
  • Overcoming internal resistance to marketing to the affluent.
  • How to build relationships with the affluent in a non-salesy way.
  • Identifying the trigger events that motivate the affluent to seek you out.
  • Determining who your ideal client is.
  • How to create instantaneous rapport with the affluent.
  • Differentiating yourself from your competition in real and meaningful ways.
  • The absolutely best exercise for creating marketing messages that will resonate with your niche market.
  • The 5-Step system for getting more affluent clients.
  • …and much more


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