The “Survey” Sales Campaign

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This campaign generates a lot of clicks and can be used for both getting new subscribers or selling products.

Best of all-it’s simple to set up.

The campaign revolves around a question that has a high curiosity factor. It doesn’t have to be something dramatic or life-altering-all it has to be is something people would be curious about.

I learned this idea from Ryan Deiss, who sent out a email survey that asked, How much money do bloggers really make?

You could select, <$10 per ...

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Why People Buy

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People buy things to realize their aspirations. It’s true for both services, as well as products. Luxury goods manufacturers probably understand this concept the best, since the dots are easy to connect.

Many others, particularly those in b2b, don’t think it’s relevant.

But it is.

What is the aspiration of the CIO or the CEO? Forget for a moment, the purely business result your solution offers. What will it do for them personally? 




How does what you offer feed that aspiration?

That’s what you need to ...

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Wanted: One New Client To Partner With

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Here’s a campaign that we’ve run a few times over the years for a variety of services providers. It begins with the following headline.

Wanted: One New Client To Partner With.

We’ve use this for ourselves, as well as for clients in financial services, advertising, supply chain management and strategy consulting.

On average it generates around 3 new clients. (Which isn’t bad for a campaign that uses as its headline, Wanted: One New Client To Partner With.)

So how does it work and why does ...

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