What image are you projecting?

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How do others perceive you? How important is it?

Should you change your image?

Naturally, first, you have to know what your image is. That’s a bit more difficult than one might think-especially since you’re on the inside looking out, and your image is what people see when they look at you.

It’s a bit like the car you drive.

The impression you have of your car is mostly about the interior.

The impression others have is about the exterior.

And, of course, your image (especially in the context ...

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Why People Buy

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People buy things to realize their aspirations. It’s true for both services, as well as products. Luxury goods manufacturers probably understand this concept the best, since the dots are easy to connect.

Many others, particularly those in b2b, don’t think it’s relevant.

But it is.

What is the aspiration of the CIO or the CEO? Forget for a moment, the purely business result your solution offers. What will it do for them personally? 




How does what you offer feed that aspiration?

That’s what you need to ...

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What’s Your Big Idea?

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Since man started selling goods & services, success has hinged on The Big Idea. Unfortunately, few services companies embrace the concept of The Big Idea, and as a consequence tend to sound remarkably similar to their competition. Standing out, requires a Big Idea so let’s discuss how to create one.

(This is an interactive article-you’ll get a lot more out of it if you actually do the exercises.)

Big Ideas have at their root the customer or client. What’s the problem that ...

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