I’d like to talk with Mark!

msatterfield-nobgFrom: Mark Satterfield

Alpharetta, GA

I’m looking for an “ideal” client that I can achieve massive success for.

If you’re that individual, I will personally work with you for the next 12 months and together, we will double or potentially triple your business.

Let me tell you how this will work.

The first thing I’m going to do for you is to personally design a lead generation and sales conversion funnel, that will enable you to both attract more consistent streams of brand new prospects and, convert large percentages of them into paying clients.

There’s no charge for this and it only takes about 45-90 minutes for us to do together.

(After doing these projects for the past 20+ years, I’ve gotten pretty good at fast results).

That’s right…I’m talking about designing and creating the complete marketing funnel for you.

From how you attract brand new prospects to express interest in you & your services…to motivating them to call you about hiring you…to the follow up sequence that ensures high percentages of prospects turn into paying clients… everything.

We’ll map out the entire flow chart so that you can immediately implement it.

And like I said, there’s no charge for this.

Sounds Good! I’d like to talk with Mark!

So Why Would I Do This?
Two reasons:
First of all, I enjoy it. This type of thing is what I do best, and it makes me very, very happy to see someone grow their business as a result of the funnels I give them.
Second of all, it’s how I occasionally attract top-level clients. The way that works is that if you love the marketing funnel I develop, you may want to continue to work with me to build it out and implement it. (Or you may decide to do that on your own. If that’s the case, the only thing I ask is that you drop me a note and let me know how the marketing funnel worked for you.)

But let me be clear…the free marketing funnel development session is not a disguised pitch for my consulting services. My very real goal is to provide you with a customized marketing funnel by the time we hang up the phone -without you ever spending a dime.

And look…If you don’t want to become a client, don’t worry about it. I only personally work with a small handful of clients at a time, so you won’t get any sales pitch or pressure from me of any kind, ever.

After two decades of doing this, I know that my marketing funnels and campaigns work, and I also know that if we did work together, you’d get a lot more clients and make a lot more money.

And that’s why I need you to read this next part carefully:

This Is NOT For Everybody.

Here’s Who I CAN Help:

I’m highly selective about who I’ll speak with, and I’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed.

Here it is:

1. You have to have a solid business already.

This offer is for people who are up and running already and simply want to run a lot faster and a lot farther.

You should be grossing at a minimum in the six figures, but have aspirations for much more.

2. You must be promoting your services and have a budget for marketing.

By this I mean that you’re doing more than just cold-calling or networking, and you understand the importance of marketing campaigns, promotions & advertising.

3. You must have a good reputation in your niche.

Everything we do together will not only be bringing you more clients, sales and profits, but we’ll be doing it in a way that creates MASSIVE goodwill in your market.

Naturally, in order for us to do that, you need to have your act together.

In other words, you need to be legit.

4. You MUST follow directions. (Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to do anything strange or weird.)

After all, if you don’t actually implement the marketing funnel I give you, neither one of us will make money.

That’s it! Those are all my requirements.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If you meet the criteria and would like to talk to me personally about getting you incredible results, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Just fill in and submit the short questionnaire below.

Here’s What Will Happen After That.

Once I have your application and have a chance to review it, if I think there’s a good fit, you’ll get a link to my automated scheduling system and you can pick a time that’s mutually convenient for us to talk.

Our initial call will be between 45 and 90 minutes.

This is where we really begin working to figure out exactly what you want …and how to make it happen.

I’ll painstakingly review your goals, how you’re positioning your services, and so forth …and in our conversation I’ll design a marketing & sales conversion funnel for you to bring in more clients and more money immediately.

If you see the value in becoming high level client, great! We can talk about it. And if you don’t want to become a client – that’s OK too.

So you literally can’t lose.

I’d like to talk with Mark!

If you feel like this is right for you, click below, complete the questionnaire and let’s talk.

I look forward to speaking soon,