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February 24, 2018

From: Mark Satterfield
RE: INSTANT Powerful Telephone Prospecting Sales Scripts

Dear Friend,

Suppose in a matter of minutes, you had a powerful telephone prospecting script that you could use to make phoning easier and lots more productive?

A script that that would enable you to eliminate call reluctance, sell on either the inbound or outbound call, overcome objections, generate more interest, question more effectively and close more assuredly?

And suppose I showed you not just one, but 24 battle tested telephone sales scripts that would do just that? What would that do for your confidence? For your sales productivity?

Whether you use these telephone sales scripts “as is” or cut & paste them to create a truly customized sales script, my Directory of Sales Scripts That Sell will take you to the top of your team in sales. And that’s been proven time and time again regardless of what you sell.

The simple truth of the matter is that a powerful phone sales script enables you to quickly separate prospects from “telephone-tire-kickers” and build trust and credibility in the all-important first 30 seconds. If you’re serious about learning how to cold call in a manner that brings results and not rejection, using a proven cold call script is crucial for your success.

But here’s the challenge…

Have you ever tried to write a Cold Calling Script from scratch? Stared endlessly at your computer screen or blank sheet of paper wondering why the words don’t come?

Or maybe you’re someone who likes to “wing it”. Pick up the phone…dive right in. So what’s wrong with that?

Well, let me ask you a question, “Are you always “on”?” Is your first call as effective as your 17th? What about at the end of the day? When you’re calling on fumes? How effective…how successful are you then?

That’s why all the pros…all the heavy hitters…all the sales whales…use telephone sales scripts. Because they eliminate the inconsistency. They ensure that your first call is as successful as your last one. By using phone sales scripts you close more customers, get more referrals and best of all…make all your calls with that inner belief of 100% confidence.

These scripts are so powerful, clean and tight, you’ll engage the attention and interest of your prospect within the first 30 seconds of the call. They’re universal, dynamic and just one of these scripts might make you thousands of dollars you would of never had. Don’t make another phone call without them.

Writing A Sales Script That Gets People To Do Business With You Isn’t Easy

So instead of getting frustrated by trying to do this yourself…instead of paying hundreds, or thousands of dollars to have someone write just ONE PHONE SALES SCRIPT…you can now have my entire collection of telephone sales scripts that GET YOU MORE NEW BUSINESS-announcing:

The Gentle Rain Directory Of
Sales Scripts That SELL

Look At All The Telephone Prospecting Scripts You Get!

Basic New Product Introduction Script

This is the “universal” workhorse you’ll use whenever you have a new product or service to offer, or if you’re calling a prospect for the very first time.

Introduction Script: Our Company Is The Leader In Providing A Particular Type Of Service

A great opening script that will get you a lot more new business.

Script For When You Read That Someone Has Just Been Promoted Or Accepted A New Job

I once landed a $750,000 client by using this approach.

Script For When You Are Following Up After An Initial Call

Script When You Know They Are Using A Competitors Product/Service

This is a great method for highlighting your unique benefits.

Getting By The Secretary Script

Explaining The Purpose Of Your Call.

Overcoming Objections Scripts:

  • “I’m Too Business To Talk To You Right Now”
  • “I’m Not Interested”
  • “Send Me Literature”
  • “We Don’t Want To Risk Changing”
  • Your Company Is Too Large/Small
  • “We Can Buy It For Less Money Elsewhere”
  • “We Tried That Before And It Didn’t Work”
  • “We Want To Think It Over”
  • “Business Is Really Slow Right Now”
  • “I Need To Share/Discuss This With My Boss”

We Offer You A Better Way To Doing Business Script

Someone In Your Industry Purchased This Product-It Would Be Good For You Too Script

This is how you use “social proof” to immediately build trust and rapport.

Script For When You Are Referred By Someone

This is one of the easiest calls to make…if you know how to leverage the referral relationship. This script will show you precisely how to do just that.

Script When You Are Following Up To A Letter Or Information That You Sent

This is a great “warm” call and perhaps the easiest method for building a brand new business relationship.

Script To A Former Client

I Want To Share An Idea With You Script

This script is particularly powerful if you sell high-value services or advice.

The I Hope You Can Help Me Approach For Getting By The Secretary

One of my favorites.

Script For Asking For Referrals

If you want more word-of-mouth business, this script is for you.

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In less than 5 minutes you can either cut & paste or FILL-IN-THE-Blank Templates and have a sales script that will get you more customers…build more relationships…overcome objections…close more business.

OK So How Much Is this Going To Cost?

For the past 17 years sales teams have attended my Cold Calling With Confidence Seminars paying over $4,000. And to be honest with you, the primary thing they lusted after were my battle tested sales scripts. But $4,000 is not what I’m going to charge you. In fact your total investment for the entire moneymaking, fill in the blank telephone selling script templates is just $29.00. The money and business you’ll get as a result of these proven sales scripts can very easily pay you back thousands of times your small investment. (Plus I’m throwing in some very valuable Bonuses…but more about those in a minute.)

So what’s the catch? Why am I almost giving these scripts away for less than 1% of what I normally charge?

Well, it’s not really a big mystery. Since I’m sending these to you electronically, I don’t have to print, store or ship anything. I don’t need to take orders over the phone. (Although you can reach me at 770-643-8566 and Yes I actually am a real live person!). There are a lot of costs I don’t have when I do business this way, and I can pass those savings along to you. Also I’m getting tired of being on the road conducting sales seminars and want to spend more time here at home in Atlanta. So both of us win.

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Gentle Rain Marketing Inc.

P.S. Imagine! You’ll never have to again struggle through the hassle and frustration of trying to determine precisely the best thing to say when you get a sales prospect on the phone. Eliminate frustrations and telephone sales procrastination. You simply cut & paste or fill-in-the blanks and in less than 5 minutes you’ve got a sales script prepared that will get you as many brand new customers and clients as your business can handle.