Your Website’s Missing Page

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One of the basic questions everyone needs to answer whenever they’re thinking about creating or changing their website is, “What do I want visitors to do once they’re here?”

And the next question…”What do I want them to do, after they’ve done that first thing?”

Not surprisingly, the knee-jerk answer is, “I’d like them to hire me to do what I do, and pay me a lot of money to do it.”

OK, that’s ideal, but unfortunately not overly realistic. That doesn’t mean ...

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What’s Your Point Of View?

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Well…it can’t be a complete surprise why so many experts just can’t seem to break out from the pack of whatever area of expertise their trying to break out of.

Sure they do good work. Clients like them (or at least think their adequate, or probably & most likely, inexpensive). But if truth be told, they’re one of many. Largely indistinguishable from all the others. And though they may fret and complain, and wish they were a true leader in their ...

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