The fastest way to get more new traffic

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(Warning: Some may find this offensive. With that caveat, what I’m about to share…is the truth, as I’ve learned the hard way.)




…more of them.

What’s the quickest way?

Here’s the answer-it hinges on a question.

Are you willing to invest some money?

If the answer’s Yes, then you can get a lot of traffic real fast.

How fast?


If you don’t have any money, or you still think that getting new clients should be free…can you still get more leads & traffic.


But it will be slow.

Real slow.

Because, when ...

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Why Paid Social Media Makes Sense For Most Small Businesses

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Obviously, for any business that has a website, traffic is crucial. In fact getting more traffic is typically the #1 topic of conversation whenever the subject of internet marketing comes up. A large part of what drives the conversation is that SEO has become increasingly complicated and for the vast majority of business owners, really doesn’t do much.

Although the idea of getting traffic for free is appealing, it’s also a bit misleading. First, nothing is really free-unless you value your ...

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Getting On The First Page Of Google-Does niche marketing work?

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Getting on the first page of Google is, not surprisingly, one of the main objectives for most any business. Although the reality is that no-one outside of Google itself completely understands how the process works, these ideas around niche marketing will definitely increase your page ranking. Hope you find them helpful:

(This may take a few seconds to start when you hit the play button…)

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